Celebrating 25 years of friendship, wild and free.   When Sara contacted me about a special shoot she wanted to set up with two of her lifelong friends, I was thrilled.  These ladies represent what togetherness feels like,  they represent what real support is.  They are proof that life is just better with good friends by your side.  In a way I am envious of this kind of bond, I can't imagine how special it must feel to know each other so well.  Thank you for the amazing day, ladies.  I am still buzzing from this shoot with you. <3sisterhood_1596sisterhood_1599sisterhood_1600sisterhood_1603sisterhood_1604sisterhood_1605sisterhood_1606sisterhood_1608sisterhood_1609sisterhood_1612sisterhood_1601sisterhood_1611sisterhood_1598sisterhood_1595sisterhood_1610Before we left for the shoot we spent a little time with Sara's daughter Ryman and her aunts.  These are the kind of images I love for.  Memories to last a lifetime.  sisterhood_1593sisterhood_1592sisterhood_1591sisterhood_1590sisterhood_1589