September Love

September, you have been so good to me. :)

I am very grateful for the people who come into my life through photography.  I leave every wedding with a greater appreciation for love.  Photographing weddings is a job that is constantly giving to me, in return I am able to give back by capturing the raw emotion that makes the day so special.  Before I share the full blog posts from these weddings, I wanted to post a few peeks and thank all of my clients for giving me the opportunity to not only document their day, but to also make art with them.  This year, I have felt more free than ever to photograph weddings the way I feel most comfortable.  I have been able to really get in touch with and trust my instincts to create images from my heart.  I wouldn't be able to do this without the trust and confidence I receive from my clients.

Thank you!

Here are a few images from my weddings this month.  (Im actually working ahead of schedule, so my first wedding,  Becca and Greg already have a full blog post here)  I will have full blog posts coming soon.

Jennie and Julie

septemberweddingsnikitagross (1)septemberweddingsnikitagross (2)nikitagrossphotographyseptemberweddingsnikitagross (4)Tina and Joe

septemberweddingsnikitagross (5)septemberweddingsnikitagross (6)septemberweddingsnikitagross (7)septemberweddingsnikitagross (8)septemberweddingsnikitagross (9)Rachel and Brad

septemberweddingsnikitagross (11)septemberweddingsnikitagross (12)septemberweddingsnikitagross (13)septemberweddingsnikitagross (14)Kate and Erik

septemberweddingsnikitagross (15)septemberweddingsnikitagross (20)septemberweddingsnikitagross (19)septemberweddingsnikitagross (18)septemberweddingsnikitagross (21)