Rock and Roll

Inspired by a desire to push myself creatively, many nights admiring the rocknroll, and the photography in FOAM magazine I set up this rock and roll themed photo session with Jeremy and Ashley.  I wanted to create something edgy and fun.  I needed to create  something that I feel would really represent my personality and the type of photography I love, which is still hard for me to define through words. :)

Jeremy is a good friend of mine, he has a great sense of style.  I knew he would be perfect for the shoot.  I asked to see if his friend Ashley, who is a hair stylist at Pinnokios Salon in Northside, would be willing to be my "bride".  She is gorgeous, and has the tattooed look I was going for.  We planned the session so that we would be out during that magic hour before the sun sets.  Beautiful.  I am so happy with the way these turned out!