The Junkyard

A couple of weeks ago I went on a photo field trip with my friend, Lauren and a few other photographers.  We went to this awesome junkyard that was busting at the seams with old motorcycles and cars.  The owner, Skip was super cool.  I have been dying to do an engagement session at a junkyard.  Who wants to have a little fun with me?

Brooch Bouqets, I Dig them!

I was first introduced to the brooch bouquet by one of my future bride's, Emily.  WOW!  What a great idea.  They are so beautiful and unique.  No more asking yourself what to do with your bouquet once the wedding is over.   This a piece of art you can keep in your house.  You can incorporate your something new,  something old, something borrowed , and something blue all in your bouquet by getting all of the women in the family to contribute a piece.  Why not make it an heirloom that gets passed down for generations?  If you plan it out early enough just think of all of the fun flea market adventures you can have in search of the perfect pieces. :)

Here are a few examples I found on the web.

These are by Fantasy Floral Designs. Photography credit:Alice Hu.

You find this bouquet here.

It is also very pretty to use both the brooches and a few flowers.

I  found a very good DIY tutorial on making your own brooch bouquet over at FantsyPantsWeddings.

Atwood Hill Winery Wedding

I met Ashley and Nick when I photographed Ashleys sister's wedding last year.  When they contacted me to photograph their wedding I was thrilled.  Sometimes as a photographer I feel I become part of my clients family, like a cousin you only see on special occasions. ;)  I have been to some weddings that I didn't want to leave because the family was so good to me.  Feeding me, making sure I am hydrated,  it is easy to get attached.  It is nice when those special occasions do come up and I get to catch up with everyone again. :)

The wedding was located at a beautiful little winery in Morning View, Kentucky called Atwood Hill Winery.  This place is gorgeous.  Perfect for a quaint outdoor ceremony.  I just love when my clients choose unique locations for their wedding.  It makes my job so much fun.

Thank you Ashley and Nick for letting me be part of not only your wedding, but also your family.  It is always a pleasure.

We started at Ashley's parents house with the girls getting ready. This is Ashley's nephew, David.  I feel like it was just yesterday when we did his newborn session.  He's already a little man. :)         Ashley wanted her wedding to be laid back and relaxed.  I think daisies were a great choice for the carefree vibe. It was a perfect day for a wedding. There were so many great spots for pictures. The cake is by Ginniebug Creations. Ashley's mother, Kathy and her Aunt Anne made all of the sweets.  My favorite part of the wedding, besides all of the love, were the three m&m cookies and one unbelievable brownie I had.  So good!  Kentucky cooking is something I never pass up. ;)  I really like the next picture, ALOT!   Nick and his mother,  both looking great. This is Audra, one of Ashley's bridesmaids.  She was in a wedding I photographed in last October.  It is always nice to see a familiar face.  Since I have been obsessed with silhouettes,  you know I had to do a pregnant one. :)

Below Audra I used the moon to do a little light painting.

Rock and Roll

Inspired by a desire to push myself creatively, many nights admiring the rocknroll, and the photography in FOAM magazine I set up this rock and roll themed photo session with Jeremy and Ashley.  I wanted to create something edgy and fun.  I needed to create  something that I feel would really represent my personality and the type of photography I love, which is still hard for me to define through words. :)

Jeremy is a good friend of mine, he has a great sense of style.  I knew he would be perfect for the shoot.  I asked to see if his friend Ashley, who is a hair stylist at Pinnokios Salon in Northside, would be willing to be my "bride".  She is gorgeous, and has the tattooed look I was going for.  We planned the session so that we would be out during that magic hour before the sun sets.  Beautiful.  I am so happy with the way these turned out!

iPhone art

I don't really enjoy talking on my phone as much as I love to take pictures with it.    I am addicted to it, seriously addicted.  I have had it for about 9 months and I have managed to save over 400o pictures that I refuse to erase.  I am sure I have probably taken double that,  if not more.  I have about 25 photo apps, and about 10 I really want to get.  It's kinda crazy.  But it is also nice to always have a camera with me, because I see something I want to take a picture of everywhere I go.

I snapped a picture of these statues with my Nikon and my iPhone.  I like my phone pictures best.  I have always been drawn to grain and contrast.  This phone and it's apps are great for creating images that are grainy or noisy.   I don't mind if things aren't perfectly in focus.  It reminds me of using my Holga, but I get the instant gratification of digital.

These are all captured and processed with my iPhone.  I get lots of emails about what apps I use, I will try to start including them in my posts when I can remember.  Sometimes I just go crazy with a ton of apps on top of each other until I get something I like.   I used the Mill Color App on the color photos and PS Mobile on the black and white.

The first two were taken at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.

This was taken at the entrance of a horse farm in Kentucky .

This is one of my favorite iPhone photos I have captured.  I stumbled upon this beauty after I intentionally got myself lost in Boone County.  This one was magic.

Exploring Kentucky

Yesterday Dave and I took a mini road trip 2 hours south of Cincinnati to Bardstown, KY.  We drove down to check out a venue for a wedding I have coming up.  While we were out we did a little exploring.

The next three were taken by Dave while I was driving.  I adore these and will be ordering prints very soon.  I love how much he likes to experiment, it pushes me to do the same.