Cincinnati Boudoir Photography Memorial Day Inspired

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with this beautiful woman the other day.  When we were going through her outfits for the shoot,  her American flag swimsuit caught my eye.  It wasn't until I was editing that I realized Memorial Day was coming up.  Sometimes things just happen perfectly.  Summertime, here we come!cincinnatiboudoirphotography001cincinnatiboudoirphotography002cincinnatiboudoirphotography002cincinnatiboudoirphotographycincinnatiboudoirphotography005cincinnatiboudoirphotography006cincinnatiboudoirphotography007cincinnatiboudoirphotography008cincinnatiboudoirphotography009cincinnatiboudoirphotography010cincinnatiboudoirphotography011cincinnatiboudoirphotography012 cincinnatiboudoirphotography016cincinnatiboudoirphotography0119cincinnatiboudoirphotography024cincinnatiboudoirphotography021cincinnatiboudoirphotography020cincinnatiboudoirphotography022Before heading outside, we shot a few in her apartment.  I love how these turned out.  Hannah,  you are so gorgeous. cincinnatiboudoirphotography023cincinnatiboudoirphotography024cincinnatiboudoirphotography025cincinnatiboudoirphotography026cincinnatiboudoirphotography027

Warped Tour

The past two years I have taken my little sister Olivia to the Vans Warped Tour for her birthday.  She leaves to go hang with her friends and I wander around with my camera all day.  It has become one of my favorite things to photograph.  I don't know many of the bands and that is ok, I am more interested in all of the crazy people running around.  The piercings, the mohawks, the tattoos,  I love all of it!

Rock and Roll!

Featured on!

If you are a fan of my facebook page you have already heard how excited I am to have Jeremy and Ashley's photo session featured on  It is my first time ever submitting work anywhere and I got featured,  yeah!  In my little photo world that is a huge accomplishment. :)  Be sure to head over to to see lots more photos from that shoot.  I cant thank Jeremy and Ashley enough for being such bad-ass models and thanks to Kat for featuring me! :)

Rock and Roll

Inspired by a desire to push myself creatively, many nights admiring the rocknroll, and the photography in FOAM magazine I set up this rock and roll themed photo session with Jeremy and Ashley.  I wanted to create something edgy and fun.  I needed to create  something that I feel would really represent my personality and the type of photography I love, which is still hard for me to define through words. :)

Jeremy is a good friend of mine, he has a great sense of style.  I knew he would be perfect for the shoot.  I asked to see if his friend Ashley, who is a hair stylist at Pinnokios Salon in Northside, would be willing to be my "bride".  She is gorgeous, and has the tattooed look I was going for.  We planned the session so that we would be out during that magic hour before the sun sets.  Beautiful.  I am so happy with the way these turned out!