Courtney and Sam Mt. Airy Forest Engagement

Back when I was huge and pregnant I got to spend some time in Mt. Airy Forest with these two love birds.  Autumn's beautiful colors provided the perfect backdrop for their engagement photos.  I am  thrilled that tomorrow I get a chance to hang out with them again at their wedding!

See you very soon, Courtney and Sam.  Thank you so much for choosing me to document your day. MtAiryForestengagement_0990MtAiryForestengagement_0991MtAiryForestengagement_0992MtAiryForestengagement_0993MtAiryForestengagement_0994MtAiryForestengagement_0995MtAiryForestengagement_0996MtAiryForestengagement_0997MtAiryForestengagement_0998MtAiryForestengagement_0999MtAiryForestengagement_1000C

Sara and Jeremy's Super Awesome Engagement Session

Sara and Jeremy are two very good friends of mine.  I cannot wait for their Fourth of July wedding coming up  soon.  For their engagement session they wanted to do something fun and different.  One night while we we were hanging out on their porch we came up with the idea of having a pool party in the their backyard with their good friends, Seth, Jamie and Emily.  Everyone dressed up and really got into the theme.  We cranked up the music and ran around the yard dancing and singing, it was so much fun!  Here are a few of my favorites.

See a behind the scenes video from out shoot here

julyfourthengagementjulyfourthengagement (1)saraandjeremyengaged (1)julyfourthengagement (2)julyfourthengagement (3)julyfourthengagement (4)julyfourthengagement (5)julyfourthengagement (6)julyfourthengagement (7)julyfourthengagement (8)julyfourthengagement (9)julyfourthengagement (10)julyfourthengagement (11)julyfourthengagement (13)julyfourthengagement (15)julyfourthengagement (16)julyfourthengagement (18)julyfourthengagement (19)julyfourthengagement (20)julyfourthengagement (21)Jeremy always has great stories.  These boots came from his dad.  He won them in a pool game, how perfect! julyfourthengagement (22)julyfourthengagement (23)julyfourthengagement (24)julyfourthengagement (25)julyfourthengagement (26)julyfourthengagement (27)julyfourthengagement (28)julyfourthengagement (29)julyfourthengagement (30)julyfourthengagement (31)julyfourthengagement (32)

Nia and Spencer's Cincinnati Engagement

Happy Monday everyone!

It has been an insanely busy past couple of months.  Though most of my time is spent at my computer when I am this busy, I really look forward to the time I get to spend getting to know my clients during their engagement sessions.  Last week I headed to East Walnut Hills for Nia and Spencer's laid back engagement pictures.   I first met Nia at a bridal event.  She was planning a huge winter wedding.  After lots of thinking,  she and her fiancé Spencer decided they were planning a wedding that did not fit their personalities at all.  They are both super chill.  They decided that is how they want their wedding to be...They changed the date, location, and cut their guest list down to immediate family and friends.  I love this so much.  Your wedding should be about you and what you want, not what you think you are expected to do.  There are no rules.  As long as you two are there, that is all that matters. :)

I walked away from this session smiling ear to ear.  I felt like I just hung out with friends I have known forever.  These two laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  Spencer is full of jokes, but he is also a total sweetheart who kept telling Nia how beautiful she looked.  Every time she looked at him, she would tell him how pretty his blue eyes were.  It was very sweet.  They like each other a lot and they weren't afraid to let me see that.  My favorite!  I can't wait to see them again next month!

walnuthillscincinnatiwalnuthillscincinnati (1)walnuthillscincinnati (2)walnuthillscincinnati (3)walnuthillscincinnati (4)walnuthillscincinnati (5)walnuthillscincinnati (6)walnuthillscincinnati (7)walnuthillscincinnati (8)walnuthillscincinnati (9)walnuthillscincinnati (10)Spencer proposed to Nia at Eden Park, they were surrounded by their close friends.  He got down on one knee, but then he froze up and didn't say anything.  Nia was just staring at him, like "do you have something to say?"  He is very animated, this was when he was telling me the story. walnuthillscincinnati (11)walnuthillscincinnati (12)walnuthillscincinnati (13)walnuthillscincinnati (14)walnuthillscincinnati (15)walnuthillscincinnati (16)walnuthillscincinnati (17)walnuthillscincinnati (18)walnuthillscincinnati (19)

Rebecca and Greg's Downtown Cincinnati Engagement

When I met Rebecca to talk about her wedding we hit it off right away.  I knew I really wanted to be apart of her wedding after just a few minutes of talking to her.  She smiled a lot, and she was very enthusiastic about the details of her wedding.  She is from a small town in Ohio and is heading back there later this year to marry her best friend Greg.

I met Rebecca and Greg downtown Cincinnati for their engagement session.  We hung around one of my favorite spots talking and getting to know each other better.    Greg told me the story of when he knew Rebecca was the one.  They went to college together.  It was Halloween and he wasn't feeling good.  Instead of going out with friends, Rebecca cancelled plans to stay home to take care of him.  He appreciated her giving heart, he said he knew she was the girl he wanted to be with.  They were both cracking up the whole time he told the story.  I am so excited for their wedding later this year, it's going to be such a good time! downtowncincinnatiengagementdowntowncincinnatiengagement (1)downtowncincinnatiengagement (2)downtowncincinnatiengagement (3)downtowncincinnatiengagement (4)downtowncincinnatiengagement (5)downtowncincinnatiengagement (6)downtowncincinnatiengagement (7)downtowncincinnatiengagement (8)downtowncincinnatiengagement (9)

Bob and Louise 68 years of love

"To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."

These are the vows many people take everyday.  You find the one person whose life and love fits with your own like a glove.  Entering a marriage, committing yourself to the person you want to spend your life with is a more than a declaration of love, it is a partnership.  You choose to live life as a team.  The beginning of every relationship is so full of excitement and passion.  As a wedding photographer, I am very lucky to be part of this special time in people's lives.  My hope for every couple that I photograph and every couple that I know, is that their love lasts a lifetime, that they can get past the stressful times, the times when they want to give up and remember the vows they took on their wedding day.

Bob is 91 and Louise is 84.   When I walked into their home it was very cozy and comfortable.  I was welcomed with big smiles.  They had 2 boards full of pictures that documented the many years of happiness they have lived together.  They were excited to have me over and to tell me their story and I couldn't have been more grateful to be there.

Louise's family was from Italy and Bob was an American.  They met through family members when they were young, but it wasn't until Bob returned from the Navy and saw Louise again that their relationship began.  They fell in love young.  Like many young couple's at the time, because of their age, they snuck over to Kentucky to elope since Ohio's laws were more strict.  Their life together gave the world  3 children,  who then  had children, who then had children, and now their clan is up to over 50 people strong.  Their love and a marriage is a solid foundation for their children and grandchildren to look up to.  I admire that so much.

The love and partnership these two share is beautiful.  It was nice seeing how they balance things out.  Bob is a retired firefighter.  He is a giver by nature.   He likes to stay busy and fix things, he sews, does yard work, he even cuts Louise's hair.   Bob adores his wife,  I could see it every time he looked at her with admiration.  He still surprises her with gifts, and tells her he loves her every night.  Louise is a strong woman with the most beautiful smile and skin.  She spent her life as a caretaker for her family, but also worked different jobs throughout the years.  I imagine Louise was a fun woman in her youth, someone I would like to hang out with.  She used to go to Vegas every year with her girlfriends.   In all of the pictures they showed me, she was laughing and having a good time.  Once the children were grown they spent a lot of time traveling together.  When I asked them what they liked to do for fun they told me how much they loved to dance and spend time on their boat the named the Bob-O-Lou.  Though they can't dance much anymore, they still play cards every Saturday night and try to get out whenever they can.  Louise has some back problems, but Bob is always right there to help her out.

I am a born romantic, I love love more that anything else in the world.  I was lucky to get this amazing opportunity to spend time with and photograph Bob and Louise, a couple who is celebrating 68 years of love and marriage.  I hope their story inspires you as much as it did me.  Their lust for life is what keeps them young and their love for each other is what keeps them strong.


Bob holding a picture of his wife on their boat, The Bob-O-Lou. Louise saw this bear she really liked on T.V.  Bob saw the bear while he was out one day and brought it home to surprise his wife.  What a sweetheart.  Guys,  take a lesson from Bob's book.  After 68 years, he still makes sure his wife knows he is thinking of her.  I always say, it's the little things. Here Bob is telling me the reason he doesn't wear a wedding ring because it got caught while he was working.  

Louise was telling me how Bob showers her in gifts.  Here she is showing me a necklace he got for her. I really liked this part of the day.  Like every couple, Bob and Louise went through some rocky times when they were young.  There was a time when Louise got her own apartment for a short time.  Bob was always over visiting, he couldn't stay away from his love and children,  so their split didn't last long.  In the picture below she was saying "we were like, what are we doing?  It was silly, we wanted to be together, we had our family to take care of. "   She made sure I knew it wasn't always roses,  but they stuck it out through the tough times and they couldn't be happier about the life they have had together.    I would like to thank to my friend, Suzanne for introducing me to her these two beautiful souls.  She is very lucky to call them her grandparents.

Kate and Erik's Clifton Engagement Session

I met Kate and Erik in the gaslight part of Clifton for their engagement session.  Though they no longer live in Cincinnati, they spent a lot of time in this part of town throughout their college years.  It was nice getting to know them and hearing about how they met.   Kate and Erik met back in the Myspace days. Erik's band  at the time Till Plains had a show and Kate went to see them.   Little did she know she was going to meet her future husband that night.  They spent some time as friends, going to shows and hanging out.  Eventually friendship turned into love.  I am looking forward to their wedding next year. 

Sarah and Karen's Northside Cincinnati Engagement

I love when couples choose locations that have special meaning to them for their photo sessions.  It makes the shoot so much more personal.  I met Sarah and Karen in Northside for this very sweet engagement session.  Northside is where they had their first date and their first kiss.  It was a real pleasure getting to know these two and hearing all about their love story.  Unfortunately, the state of Ohio still has a ban on gay marriage so Sarah and Karen are officially getting married later this year in New York.  They will be having a commitment ceremony at the Bell Event Centre .  I am honored they want me there to photograph it.

Special thanks to Rachel at Brideface for dolling the girls up for the shoot, they looked fantastic! I met Sarah and Karen at the Northside Tavern, where we planned on taking a few photos.  There was a wedding reception at the bar and I could not get in due to a line down the street.  I spotted Karen in the window and decided to shoot from outside instead.  I love the way these turned out.  Magic.Northside is full of color and interesting art.  We had a little fun with some of the wall murals. :)Love. Sidewinder Coffeshop where they had their first date. We headed over to Covington to get some images along the river. 

Hannah and Jimmy's Military Engagement Session

August seems to be a tough month for soldiers.  Two members of my family have been called to duty and lately I have been getting a lot of inquiries from military couples who are interested in setting up a photo shoot before their significant other leaves.  I hate that these couples will be separated for such a long period of time, but I am very happy I get to help them create special memories they will be able to hold onto while they are away.  Part of what I love about my job and what I think I'm pretty good at is allowing the couples I photograph to really connect during the shoot.  I encourage a lot of kissing and touching.   Getting your picture taken can be a little nerve racking.  By finding comfort in each other I am able to capture real moments, and if kissing embarrasses you then I usually get to capture a pretty amazing laugh. :)  I like to give people a good variety of intimate images and nice formal pictures.

Hannah and Jimmy have been together for five years.  They are planning their wedding for next August.  I was happy to hear they wanted to sneak in an engagement shoot before Jimmy leaves for Afghanistan.  They were both down to earth and we had a great time driving all over Kentucky to take these images.  I just love how good Hannah's red dress looks with Jimmy's military fatigues.  Lots of love to you Jimmy, stay safe. :)

Lindsay and David Cincinnati Engagement

I had a blast photographing Lindsay and David around downtown Cincinnati.  They are laid back and fun, my favorite kind of people to be around.  I am super excited for their wedding at Leaping Lizard later this year.  Lindsay is not only gorgeous, but also a talented musician.  She is the singer in a blues band called Tempted Souls.  You can check out her band Saturday at Grandview Tavern in Kentucky.

Christina and Brandon's Cincinnati Engagement Session

Christina and Brandon, both from Cincinnati met while attending Miami University. After college they moved to Chicago where they now live.  While they were in town last week we wandered around Findlay Market and Eden Park to capture these colorful images.  I had a great time getting to know them and hearing the amazing story about how Brandon proposed on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago.  He had all of her friends and family in town to help celebrate after.  I love surprises, it was a super sweet story.  I cant wait until their fall wedding at The Bell Event Centre later this year.   

Kelly and Justin's Historic Covington Engagement

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kelly and Justin in historic Covington for their very special engagement session.  I had a blast getting to know them.  They are so laid back and cool.  I am so excited for their wedding next year at Moonlite Gardens! I have been dying to do a wedding there. ;)  Thanks for the amazing day Kelly and Justin!  

Tiffany and Andy's Kentucky Engagement

I love to hear the stories about how my clients met. Tiffany and Andy were set up by a friend.  They both went out of their comfort zones and decided to meet on a blind date.  They have been together ever since. I love that.  They took a risk on love and it totally paid off.  Andy proposed to Tiffany a few years later in one of their favorite cities, Nashville.

I am very excited about their wedding next month.  I grew up in the same town as Tiffany and I absolutely adore her family.  I cant wait to catch up with them at the wedding!

Brandie and Nate's Cincinnati Engagement Session

I had a great time running around Eden Park and Mt. Adams with Brandie and Nate for their engagement session.  They met a few years ago when Nate was Brandie's real estate agent.  They love to travel and spend time outdoors. Nate surprised Brandie with a proposal on a trip out west.  How romantic! :)  I am excited for their French Park wedding coming up in September.  Brandie is a fellow thrift store junkie, she is adding lots of vintage touches to her wedding, I cant wait to see what she comes up with.        Nothing like ending a great photo session with a couple of cocktails and good conversation.  I have the coolest clients ever! :)

Stephanie and Michael Kentucky Engagement

Stephanie and Michael were married on Friday.  Can you believe Stephanie is just as sweet as she is pretty?  This was one of the most loving weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing.  I will have a full wedding post soon. In the meantime enjoy their engagement pictures we took earlier in the week.  Michael, who is in the military,  got into town from Germany just in time to sneak this session in before the wedding.  I am so glad I got a chance to meet him before the big day.  These two will be heading to Germany to start their new life as husband and wife very soon.  How perfect is it that there is a German flag left over from Maifest in the background. :)My favorite!

Kentucky Engagement on a Farm

Remember Scooter from yesterday's post?  Well this is Scooter's nephew,  Austin.  He and Ashley are getting married next year.  These two are a super cute country couple.  They love the outdoors, Austin drives a pick up truck, they  hunt, they dream of someday owning lots of farmland to stretch out on.  Scooter's farm was perfect for a very personalized engagement session that really represents them as a couple.

Two things that stick out in my mind about this session are that  Austin constantly made Ashley crack up laughing, like non stop throughout the entire session, and that he really likes to grab Ashley's butt, a lot!  :) Both things, I believe, make for a great relationship so keep it up Austin. :)

Ault Park Engagement Session

When I first met Jessica and Craig at the Bean Haus for their consultation I was greeted by Jessica's infectious smile.  It was nice to see that smile again when I met them for their engagement session. :)

Since Craig proposed to Jessica at Ault Park, what better place have their engagement session.  I think it makes it extra special when people choose to do pictures at places that have meaning to them as a couple.

Though it was a little hot, the light was perfect.  Jessica and Craig are  laid back and fun.  I am really excited about their wedding in August. :)

The story behind this picture is pretty funny.  I got a flat tire at the park.  I needed to go get air ASAP.   I followed Craig to the nearest gas station since he is more familiar with the area than me.  On the way there I was kicking myself in the butt because I didn't take a picture of their feet.  I loved that Craig wore his favorite beat up boots, and that Jessica wanted to be barefoot most of the time.  We talked about those boots so much.  Their feet really said a lot about them and I missed the shot.  That eats me up more than anything.  Of all times not to get a feet shot, this was not it.  So we pulled into the UDF to get air and I asked them to get out and let me get a picture of their feet before they changed outfits.  Thankfully they did not think I was too crazy and they did it without hesitating.

I love the way it turned out! :)  Ault Park has gorgeous flower lined paths, wooded trails, and beautiful architecture.  It is a great backdrop for photos.  I thought it was awesome that I was waiting for them on the exact same bench Craig proposed to Jessica on.  Of all of the benches at the park, I chose to sit there, magic! Next we headed to my neighborhood, Main Strass, where Jessica and Craig first met. 

Thank you Jessica and Craig for a great evening.  I cant wait to see you guys again next month!:)

I am with my clients from beginning to end on their wedding day.  I feel an engagement session is a great way to get to know each other before the big day.  Being in front of a camera can be a little nerve racking.  Doing an engagement session allows you to get comfortable with my style and personality.  Trust is very important when it comes to getting great pictures.  An engagement session allows me to gain your trust.  You can trust that I will capture all of the beautiful moments of your special day and that you will look fabulous in your pictures.

All of my wedding collections include an engagement session.

I am now booking 2011 weddings.  Some 2010 dates are also available.  For more info contact me here

Jessica and Michael Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

For Michael and Jessica's engagement session we used their church as a backdrop for some of the images.  I was beyond happy when I walked in and saw how cool it is.  This is not like any church I have ever seen. It has this hip, modern, industrial feel and tons of natural light via skylights and huge windows.

Jessica and Michael are a gorgeous couple.   I am gonna go ahead post my favorite right away, what's the use in waiting?

This is just perfect. The inside of this church is a photographers dream. :) There is color and texture everywhere.

I love this. After we finished at the church we headed to downtown Cincinnati.   I know Michael and Jessica are huge Reds fans so I suggested we head across the river for a few night shots in front of the stadium.

Silhouettes are my new obsession.

Jessica and Michael you guys are just cool.

Thanks for the fun and thanks for the awesome pictures. ;) I cant wait until the wedding.

Jen and Paul Engaged

It's always so nice to spend the evening with two love birds.  Especially love birds that make me laugh.  Jen and Paul are getting married in October, and they picked me to be their photographer. :)  We had a blast taking their engagement pictures. By the end of the session my cheeks were seriously hurting from laughing so hard.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes Paul,  and Jen thanks for being so sweet.  I cant wait until your wedding. :)

This one is my favorite.Yummy light!They were so affectionate, this is what I love about engagement sessions.  It is  a beautiful moment when all of your focus is on each other.  This is the park where they got engaged.Love, love love this!