Katie and Chris Keeneland Engagement Session

Last week I drove to Lexington for this special engagement session at Keeneland.  These two were so awesome to be around.  Katie is full of so much energy and Chris loves to sit back and watch her go. :) They balance each other out perfectly.  Chris is a firefighter in Lexington and Katie is a designer whose company Kavatee, which she started with a a friend from Design School, is launching a really  awesome new product, the Neckalina this Friday.  See their feature on Cincy Chic. Katie is wearing a necklace from the collection in these photos. It is too cute!  I adore the vintage dress she picked up on Etsy too.

Katie and Chris, I am so excited for your wedding at the Cincinnati Art Museum later this year! Thanks for choosing me to be part of it. :)

Black Friday On Etsy

In honor of Black Friday, and of me not physically participating in Black Friday, I decided to do a little desk shopping on Etsy.  There are tons of sellers offering great deals today.  I put together a wish list of things I am dying to get.

I think this little black dress is so adorable.  What better reason to put your hair up than to show off your heart! :)  It is handmade by Alexandra Grecco.  Check out her Etsy store here.   

I have been admiring this ring by artisianlook for about a year.  Their jewelry is all hand made and it is all exquisite. They also do custom work.

I love embellished bobby pins.  I can't ever decide on bangs or no bangs, these pins by myhandmadecrafts are perfect for the in between times. When it comes to necklaces, I am drawn to vintage, ultra feminine looks like this one I found here. I like how ornate it is. These clutch purses by Red Ruby Rose are always a favorite of mine.  I scream out loud every time I see them.  They are so cool.  Rowena, the store owner designs and hand makes each of these bags using textiles made from her own artwork.I found these earrings at  A Thousand Joys.  I love the shape and the color. I took a book making class in college.  It was a lot of fun.  It made me really appreciate all of the hard work and fine craftsmanship that goes into making a  book like the one below.  This gorgeous, handmade book by GILDBookbinders is perfect for journaling or sketching.  (I want this bad, but I think I might be too afraid to write in it because it is so beautiful.)

I adore this print by Tina Tarnoff.  Check out her store to see some of the awesome jewelry she makes out of the paper cut Art as well, it is so unique.

Brooch Bouqets, I Dig them!

I was first introduced to the brooch bouquet by one of my future bride's, Emily.  WOW!  What a great idea.  They are so beautiful and unique.  No more asking yourself what to do with your bouquet once the wedding is over.   This a piece of art you can keep in your house.  You can incorporate your something new,  something old, something borrowed , and something blue all in your bouquet by getting all of the women in the family to contribute a piece.  Why not make it an heirloom that gets passed down for generations?  If you plan it out early enough just think of all of the fun flea market adventures you can have in search of the perfect pieces. :)

Here are a few examples I found on the web.

These are by Fantasy Floral Designs. Photography credit:Alice Hu.

You find this bouquet here.

It is also very pretty to use both the brooches and a few flowers.

I  found a very good DIY tutorial on making your own brooch bouquet over at FantsyPantsWeddings.